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English Grammar Free E-books


It is complete book on the use of adverb. The book contains comprehensive content with examples, exercises, correction tests and everything about adverbs. It is short but effective book.

Nouns and Pronouns

It is a short but comprehensive book on Nouns and Pronouns in English Grammar. I have used simple language and easy example to make the students understand the content and ideas easily.

Kinds of Sentences

The book contains 7 pages. It covers the kinds of sentences based on meaning. It  has comprehensive content with easy and collaborative style with examples and exercises.

Adjectives and Conjunctions 

This is a short book containing comprehensive notes on the the types and use of adjectives and conjunctions for high school students and for Graduate level students.


It is a short but complete book on the types and use of verb. The book contains comprehensive content with examples, exercises worksheets and more. 

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