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January 23, 2016

A Black Sheep Infects the Whole Flock- Story with Moral Lesson

A rich man had a son who was naughty and careless. He had joined a bad company and his father tried his best to set him right by advising him but all in vain. All the punishment and advice has not effect on the boy. He did not abandon the company of bad boys.
His father thought of many ways to make his son realize of his bad ways but could not do so. At last he decided to teach him the impact of bad company through a practical example. One day he brought a basket of apples. The boy wanted to have them. The father promised to give him all the apples next day. In the mean time, he gave the boy a rotten apple and asked him to place it amidst the good ones. The son did so.
Next day the father asked him the get the basket of apples. But he found them all rotten in the basket. The father said to him, “Just as a single rotten apple has spoiled all the good ones, similarly bad company spoils the good boys. If you want to stay good, leave the bad company.” The son got the point and gave up the company of bad boys.

Moral Lesson: A black sheep infects the whole flock

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