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December 23, 2015

English Grammar Correction Exercise- Pronouns

Correction exercise (Pronoun)

Correct the following sentences.

(i) Let Sabiha and I go there.
Let Sabiha and me go there.
(ii) One should take care of his health.
One should take care of one's health.
(iii) Everyone raised their hands.
Everyone raised his hands.
(iv) Saleema is the woman which gave me courage to work.
Saleema is the woman who gave me courage to work.
(v) He is the student who I think deserves praise.
He is the student whom I think deserves praise.
(vi) The boy who was promoted, he was my brother.
The boy who was promoted was my brother.
(vii) He availed of the opportunity.
He availed himself of the opportunity.
(viii) We enjoyed at the concert.
We enjoyed ourselves at the concert.
(ix) These two boys hate one another.
These two boys hate each other.
(x) Little children love each other.
Little children love one another.

Correction Exercise (Verbs)

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